About Me!

"Find something you're passionate about, and keep tremendously interested in in."

-Julia Child

Me and my two older sisters after baking brownies!
Hello there! I'm Sophie... I absolutely love to bake, and I have been doing so by the teachings of my mom and my two sisters since before I can remember.       

I am just about done with an undergraduate degree at Humboldt State University in Northern California. I'm an International Studies major (with a focus in Globalization) and a double minor of Spanish and Anthropology.

I also love to travel (alllmost as much as I love baking). I've lived for a summer in Costa Rica, travelled around Europe various times and situations, and I studied abroad for a semester last year in San Sebastián, Spain. <I cannot waiiiit to return to my beautiful city someday>

I'm a vegetarian, though I will eat fish. 
I HATE mushrooms. LOVE pumpkin pie.
Passions: food...and puppies.

After I graduate this Spring, I will be finally going to culinary school! My dream is to eventually open a bakery of my own one day (after travelling a bunch more, of course). I have worked at a few bakeries, and mostly bake at home for family and friends. I hope to learn as much as I can through the Pastry and Culinary programs at the Santa Rosa Junior College. Who knows where life will take me after then.

I will most definitely be taking this blog along the journey!

Me in San Sebastián, Spain Spring 2013.

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