Sunday, March 17, 2013

Bailey's Chocolate Milkshakes for St. Paddy's

Well, I'm one week away from an amazing two week Spring Break that will be full of crazy fun travelling to Portugal (for one week with friends from my program) and then Ireland (for the other with my sister Caroline). We get a week for the typical university Spring Break, and then Semana Santa as well. This weekend has been full of studying for midterms that are coming up this week as a lovely parting gift before vacation. I wanted to make something related to St. Patrick's Day for the blog because it didn't feel right when I'll be in Ireland so soon! When brainstorming ideas, I decided that after being here for two months...I could really use a milkshake. And why not make it a slightly spiked one with a definite favorite of mine, deeeelicious Bailey's Irish Cream. :) So here's an uber simple but scrumptious tip of the hat to the silly fun holiday of leprechauns and lots of drunkards!

What you'll need:

 1 1/2 cups Chocolate Ice Cream (really you could use any flavor that'd go with Irish Cream)
3/4 cup milk
1/2 cup Bailey's Irish Cream (or to taste)
Whipped Cream

I don't have a blender here in Spain, so I just used a stick blender that was in my apartment and a bowl. If you are fortunate to have a real blender, just throw everything in and blend until smooth! Serve in tall glasses, and top with whipped cream and preferably a straw (what milkshake doesn't taste better with a straw? I mean c'mon). I drizzled mine with some caramel I still had left over from cookies too! :D

So there ya go. So easy. So perfect. So yum! Happy St. Patrick's Day everybody! 

Now, back to studying. ugh.

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